another phone cover or three

Two weeks ago I went shopping for a new phone. When the shop assistant opened my soon-to-be-replaced phone she told me that the battery had swollen and might have exploded in my face at any time without warning. I wonder if that explains why attempting to use the camera over the previous month had resulted in no photo and the phone switching itself off? As the replacement phone is slightly bigger than the old one the original cover didn’t fit. This is new cover version number three, because I wasn’t satisfied with versions one or two. This version holds the phone quite securely even if turned upside down because of the snap-lock style of closure. (The Gourmet Quilter has an excellent video on the how-to if you’re interested.)

I had to include a pocket for the stylus I bought for the drawing app as well as one for little shopping lists or business cards I’ve collected when out for the day. The card you can see in the photo is for Tisanes, my son’s tea and coffee business in the Cotswold village of Broadway. If I’d had a card for it, I’d also have shown one for Leaf and Bean, a coffee lounge owned by my other son and his partner in the same village. OK, shameless family plug over.

new phone cover

2 Responses to “another phone cover or three”

  1. snoopysgranny Says:

    Interesting post as I was born in Swindon, I’m sure I’ve been to Broadway. Same thing happened to my mum’s phone battery !

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