behold, a tissue folder is born

I have made and gifted many tissue holders which are the correct size for ‘travel’ tissue packs which I never use myself, preferring ‘mansize’ tissues which have a greater number of uses. Unfortunately, these larger tissues do not fit a standard tissue holder and I can never fold them in such a way that they properly fit this favourite little tissue holder.

When I was cramming yet another supply of tissues into the holder it struck me that instead of constantly bemoaning the fact that the tissues don’t fit, I could custom-make a holder that they would fit and after one or two false starts whilst watching a re-run of The China Syndrome, the tissue folder was born. I’ve never seen a tissue folder before so have I actually invented something? Do I now need to visit my nearest patent office and/or speak to legal eagles about copyright etc? Ha! If so, I should probably have done it before posting about my invention here!

The closure is a magnetic necklace clasp which is strong enough to remain closed but easy to pull apart when a tissue is needed. The tissues need only be folded once from top to bottom and then from side to side before slipping the ends into the pockets which are attached only along one long side and at the opposite corners with decorative machine stitches.

new tissue folder

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