full flight

I was never so glad to be at the end of a piece of embroidery than yesterday after watching a fascinating BBC programme about owls. If I’d been at the start of this owly mousey piece I might have stopped stitching before it got very far because I now realise that my stitchy version of what is an owl falls far short of the real thing. In my defence, how could it be otherwise? Anyway, every time I look at my owl I think I could have done it better or differently or, or, or, so I’m calling it quits now before I lose my sanity completely.

I added some wax crayon colour to suggest a hint of blue sky and to help ‘ground’ the wheat field. I should have done this before any stitching but I didn’t think it needed any until recently. I think that worked, unlike my borders which have gone off the straight and not so narrow but I really can’t be bothered to unpick anything else. I said in my last post that I wouldn’t unpick the wings but I did. After two attempts at adding the grey stripes on the upper wing I realised that the feathers were going in the wrong direction so out they came.

This embroidery is undoubtedly grubby, no matter what my eyes think so I’m inclined to wash it before having it framed. I’ve never washed any of my embroideries so that will be a challenge. Thank you Mary Corbet for a very detailed ‘how-to’. Lots of deep breaths and a skipped heartbeat or two ahead I think.


August 6

6 Responses to “full flight”

  1. littlefelthouses Says:

    Beautiful. Lovely texture and movement.

  2. sewinggoddess Says:

    I think it’s marvelous

  3. Allison Says:

    very nice, worth the effort

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