what’s in a name

When I began this blog I didn’t want to own up to my real identity for fear of being ridiculed. It was November and the pavements were littered with crunchy, rustly leaves and that’s what gave me the inspiration for the user name crunchnrustle. I thought it was clever and witty and that everyone would correctly read it as crunch and rustle. It is of course, neither clever nor witty and not everyone sees the abbreviation for ‘and’ in the middle. The result is that it’s read incorrectly more often than not and sounds, well, just odd. About an hour ago I decided it was time to change it so from now on my user name is Mrs G, which is as close to revealing my identity as I’m prepared to go until I’m absolutely fabulously filthy rich and world-famous although those would be reasons enough to want to remain anonymous. You have to admit that the moniker of Mrs G rolls off the tongue and the keyboard and sticks in your mind much more easily that the ridiculous leafy one.

autumn leaves


2 Responses to “what’s in a name”

  1. snoopysgranny Says:

    Mrs G sounds good.
    My son’s dog is called Snoopy and I look after him sometimes. He brought his niece with him to collect Snoopy one day and she asked if I was Snoopy’s granny. It made us laugh and the name stuck. Unfortunately my name doesn’t relate to my stitching blog either but I’m reluctant to change it.
    I look forward to you becoming filthy rich so we can all find out who you really are. You’ve been busy and I’m envious of your tulip drawing.

    • Mrs G Says:

      Snoopy’s Granny is a good name too – it was one of the reasons I first looked at your blog. When I’m filthy rich I probably won’t blog any more but I might just own up to the real me before I run off and spend all the money!

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