autumn winter challenge part 2

I drew cheeseplant leaves (Monstera Deliciosa) on my original tulip vase drawing but then didn’t relish the thought of satin stitching lots of near identical leaves so I changed my design – to an even simpler version of what you see below. Extra colours and details were added as I stitched and I’m not sure if it still needs more of either but I’ll leave it as is until the tulips are done and then check the balance.

I placed my original tulip drawings under heavy-weight tracing paper and then pencilled the outlines. When I was finally happy with the floral arrangement I inked over the pencil work, taped the tracing to a sheet of perspex and lightly pencilled it onto the calico using window light. Partly to avoid having to begin stitching and partly for fun, I subsequently coloured in some of the tulips. Too bad that thread painting can’t be as easy!

I also did a couple of practice pieces on a smaller hoop this week to determine how many strands of thread to stitch the petals with in long and short stitch and I’ve decided to stick with my usual choice of one. The practice hoop will also be used for testing and or fine tuning thread colour choices for the flowers. Yesterday I actually took the plunge and began stitching a tulip on the main hoop but I’m not taking bets on how many times I’ll unpick it before I’m happy with it!

tulip vase

tulips tracing

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  1. a fox finished | carvingtimefromlife Says:

    […] version is roughly twice the size of the book image. As soon as he was finished, I re-hooped the tulips piece and spent a couple of hours in the evening stitching a petal or […]

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