an empty space

After filling a bobbin yesterday afternoon, my machine only partially reverted to sewing mode. I could stitch forwards but not backwards and that was about all. Nothing else worked, not even my needle up/down option and the viewing screen continued to show the bobbinfill image. I did all the usual stuff: pushed the bobbinfill spindle back into the fill position and out again, turned the machine off and on, pressed all sorts of buttons rapidly, shouted at it and called it names then pleaded with it to re-set itself, but nothing worked. I even left it switched off for a while but eventually I had to admit defeat and rang my repair man who could only suggest that I bring it to him asap. JP has agreed to ferry the machine and me to the shop on Monday morning for what will hopefully be a speedy but more importantly, not too expensive a repair job. Until then, I have an empty space where my sewing machine normally sits.

empty space

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