oh no!

My Windows PC decided in the last hour two hours ago that the card reader, which has only worked intermittently for the past year anyway, is now  possibly for ever, a mere useless fixture and only good for storing a spare card. My trusty USB card reader which was purchased when the integral card reader failed once too often, also now cannot be recognised in any USB port. Microsoft websites and online forums have not helped me resolve the problem.

Viewing images direct from the camera via the cable connection to my PC also didn’t work. I could see the folder and that it more than half full but when I opened it, it said it was empty! The Fuji website shows that the camera software is not compatible with Windows 10.

My Epson printer stated that there were 1200+ photos on the card but when I chose to scan them to my PC, it fooled me into thinking that it had done so but failed to actually import them. When I tried it again, it said that my PC is not connected.

I took a load of photos this morning so that I could show you the latest pots and bowls I’d made but unfortunately I wasn’t able to save any to the computer before it all went haywire. I am now trying to view the card contents on my old Windows Vista laptop but I don’t hold out much hope. Wish me luck!


2 Responses to “oh no!”

  1. littlefelthouses Says:

    Hope you sort the problem out. It’s really scary when it is your photos, don’t want to lose them. Computer stuff can be so frustrating and there is very little help out there that makes sense to get it sorted. My husband has been great at sorting out problems when they arise, but even he gets frustrated. Sorry we don’t live closer, you could borrow him.

    • Mrs G Says:

      I’m hoping that a new card reader will be the solution. Most of the images on the card were recently backed up to an external drive so if the card itself is corrupted, I won’t have lost too many.

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