jingle jingle

All the blogs I follow have been busy making Christmassy things for the last month and more but apart from making one Christms present, I’ve not been in a crafting mood for weeks. Yesterday however, I had an itch to stitch something and since I’ll be in the kitchen a lot this week, came up with a festive apron. The original design idea was for a string or two of appliqued fairy lights and I may yet do those as they’re already cut out but I found a tatty santa hat with jingly bells amongst the tree decorations and thought they would be just as appropriate. The bells are lovely and tinkly if a tad loud and I do expect to hear sighs of exasperation from family members (followed by requests to remove the offending items) each time the bells jingle. I’ll let you know!

Christmas apron


2 Responses to “jingle jingle”

  1. juniperberry27 Says:

    Fabulous, if they complain, just get bigger bells!!

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