felt stitching

It’s been ages since I’ve really been in the mood to sew anything and I began to think I might never be inspired to sew ever again. Daft of course. We all have times where the hobby that has previously given us hours of fun and pleasure suddenly doesn’t. I was hopeful that something would eventually re-ignite my interest and sure enough, last week something did. It’s felt embroidery and appliqué. This felt flower bouquet was machine stitched but this time it’s all going to be hand stitched. The picture only shows a few of the pieces so far and if I remember, I’ll show more pictures as the piece progresses.

felt embr

2 Responses to “felt stitching”

  1. juniperberry27 Says:

    In Brighton we saw the tiniest little brooches all felt flowers and hand embroidered. So lovely, and I thought….oooo I might like to have a go at that, but I can’t embroider and have no time! Looking forward to seeing it done.

    • Mrs G Says:

      Bet you could if you tried. You don’t need to know any more than one or two basic stitches to make an embroidery piece effective and they don’t have to be up to Royal School of Needlework standard either – mine certainly aren’t!

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