felt embroidery

While I was stitching this teapot piece I remembered that the last time I did any major piece of hand embroidery on felt was in the ’60s. It was a cushion cover and the theme was Beatles related although I now can’t visualise the finished article. Probably just as well. Tea is more my line of entertainment these days.

The pattern comes from Summertime Sampler by Erica Kaprow which is a set of quilting templates for “colorful wool appliqué”. Had I read the blurb on Amazon properly I would have realised that I wasn’t buying a book as I had thought but I like the colourful designs and they can be mix-and-matched so I expect I’ll use a few more of them. The hand stitching is easy and with my new headlamp (a gift from big Sis) I can stitch for hours in the evenings without disturbing JP’s tv viewing pleasure.

I used stem stitch for the leaf veins and the ‘steam’, and buttonhole stitch for appliquéing the pieces to the 12″ x 12″ background.

felt embr2

3 Responses to “felt embroidery”

  1. decisions, decisions | carvingtimefromlife Says:

    […] I made a decision about what to stitch on the backing of the felt appliquéd teapot embroidery. I wanted something that was free-motion embroidered and tried some stitchy ideas this […]

  2. Allison Says:

    this is pretty, what are you going to do with it?

    • Mrs G Says:

      Originally I thought it might make a fun wall-hanging for Tisanes if C agreed but I think it’s too small as it is so perhaps I ought to consider adding top and bottom borders to give it some length?

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