decisions, decisions

Finally, I made a decision about what to stitch on the backing of the felt appliquéd teapot embroidery. I wanted something that was free-motion embroidered and tried some stitchy ideas this morning using cotton backed with fusible batting but nothing was working out satisfactorily so I resorted to my usual go-to for machine embroidery – heavy duty interfacing. I cut a piece approximately 60 x 70 cm and spray-basted the black polycotton fabric to it so that they would remain together without using pins or clips. I’ve seen quilters on YouTube videos use a can of spray basting but I only had Elmer’s repositionable mounting spray (which does not include fabric in the list of recommended uses) at my disposal. It did the trick and kept both layers together while I scrunched and folded and rolled the interfacing and fabric in order to manoeuver it under the needle as I stitched. I take no responsibility for anyone who uses this same spray on fabric and finds that it ruins the fabric! I’ve never free-motion embroidered such a large size of heavy-duty interfacing before and it’s not brilliant but I’m happy with it considering how unwieldy the interfacing was.

teapot backing


Rejected samples stitched on 100% cotton (blue) and a linen blend (black).


2 Responses to “decisions, decisions”

  1. Allison Says:

    looks good, how did the fusible wadding stand up to the quilting

    • Mrs G Says:

      Thanks. I didn’t use the fusible wadding on the main piece but it behaved well when being heavily stitched on the trial pieces which I plan to fuse onto heavy fabric and turn into pot holders.

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