hems and stuff

Not so many years ago it seems, there was always something that I needed to be sewing. Curtains, or clothes for myself and our sons, or repairs to school trouser knees (lots of those!).  Costumes for various themed school days were a favourite challenge for me and a decade or so ago I enjoyed making fancy-dress party outfits regularly for four adults and I even made a camel costume for an amateur pantomime production which was particularly satisfying to make.

I miss those former challenges and with no young children in the family to make things for and none of the adults asking me to sew them clothes or anything else, I potter and faff and flit from one idea to another and end up ‘making samples’ or just ‘having a play’ and rarely make anything really useful that anyone but me would find a use for. Lots of people seem able to find one area of expertise and happily run with it in all different directions but all my life I seem to have run in all different directions with lots of different things and acheived only a general level of expertise in anything. At times I think this is okay and at other times like now, it leaves me frustrated and frequently without a path to follow – evening embroidery projects excepted.

I blame the gremlin who sits on my shoulder telling me that the next thing will be the one area of expertise that will provide the ultimate in satisfaction so I should/must therefore buy the book(s)/DVD/equipment/course and give it a go.  The gremlin hasn’t been right so far although it’s been fun trying all these different things but I’m still left with my ‘what shall I sew now?’ dilemma.

After several sessions this week of pulling various fabrics out of my boxes and putting them back again with a sigh, I was delighted when JP presented me with his favourite denims and asked if there was anything I could do about the frayed hem. I don’t generally inspect trouser hems when tossing laundry into the washing machine and JP does the ironing otherwise of course I would have noticed sooner that the hem was fraying had a huge hole in it and would have repaired it Right Away. Anyway, it was a chance to vent some frustration by free-motion zig-zagging over a scrap of denim and I saved a future repair by doing the same on the other hem.

Riding this mini roller-coaster of successful sewing, and after watching yet more You Tube videos on stitchy stuff, I made a rubbishy scribbly free motion appliqué rabbit. I refuse to use the word sampler for it since it is big enough to be useful as one of those things you put between other things to prevent scratching, so excuse me while I go and put it in the pots and pans drawer.

denim hem repair

scribble rabbit

11 Responses to “hems and stuff”

  1. rabbit cushion | carvingtimefromlife Says:

    […] commented that the scribble rabbit looked like a cushion cover. I […]

  2. juniperberry27 Says:

    That rabbit is gorgeous x

  3. sewinggoddess Says:

    I do that too, want to do EVERYTHING. On my good days, I tell myself that it’s a sign of a mind that hasn’t gone stale.

  4. littlefelthouses Says:

    Love the rabbit too. He has a particular look that will catch your eye every time you lift the pot up.

  5. allison Says:

    love the rabbit

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