journey piece

Whenever I travel to visit Big Sis I like to have some embroidery to do during the long train journey there and back and this time round I began a piece of crewel work. I had a supply of Appleton’s crewel wool, bought when it was on special offer at my local stitchy shop and I used Jane Rainbow’s book Beginner’s Guide to Crewel Embroidery for my inspiration. I had a close look at the fabric earlier and it appears to be 28 count Aida or similar and was chosen a) because it takes the wool easily and b) I just happened to have some – bought for a reason now unknown. It’s not a fabric I would naturally chose to embroider on as I don’t like to see where the warp and weft intersect when I’m stitching – it somehow upsets my stitching rhythm, and I also find that I can’t get the same degree of outline detail on it when using a single thread but it’s ideal for the fine crewel wool.

It might take a while to finish this piece. I didn’t take it out of my case during my visit or on the return journey and only stitched the green calyxes after rehooping it on Wednesday. What I should concentrate on is a half-completed kit piece begun twenty years ago by Big Sis which I coerced her into allowing me to take away on the understanding that I would actually finish it so I better get cracking!

blue flowers


2 Responses to “journey piece”

  1. juniperberry27 Says:

    Hope you had a fab time. I was in Edinburgh last weekend for a party with uni friends. Thought about you. Put up a picture of the WIP from your sister for us to see please…..x

    • Mrs G Says:

      I did thanks. I saw your Edinburgh photos on instagram. Had I known that you were going to be there we might have been able to meet up. Congrats on the house purchase btw!

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