jacket re-styled

I bought this jacket a couple of years ago but have only worn it twice and the reason for that is that deep down I knew I was swamped by the waterfall collar. In my recently re-discovered dressmaking mode I realised I had nothing to lose by attempting to make it more wearable. To begin with I narrowed the collar all the way to the hem but it kept flipping outwards, probably because the edge was curved at the point where the collar joined it so I unpicked the collar stitching from the hem to about half-way up the front and changed the shape of the bottom edge from curved to straight but the collar still wanted to flip out. The solution was to shorten the collar and I like it better that way. I also took in the side seams by a couple of inches which helped the drape and those diagonal wrinkles only appear when it’s on the dress form. If I don’t get any of those ‘did-she-look-in-the-mirror-before-she-left-the-house?’ looks from passersby when I wear it outdoors, I’ll know that the re-styling’s been a success (or at least acceptable).

Trouser update:-

I’ve all but given up on the McCalls trouser pattern and after reading lots more about making trousers I have come to this conclusion: 99% of women wear trousers that do not fit properly, particularly trousers of the RTW variety. Even tailors and seamstresses tell us that trousers are difficult to fit. It’s easier to fit a muslin (of any kind) if you have a friend. A husband should not be considered as a friend for this particular role unless they also happen to sew. In my decades of dressmaking up until this summer, I can only remember making two pairs of trousers for myself and those had very wide legs (stylish at the time!) and a close fit wasn’t required.¬† In my continuing determination to make a custom trouser pattern that fits, yesterday I ordered the Pants Kit from Sure-Fit Designs. I’ve watched their videos and visited the website on and off for months as well as reading some great reviews on various blogs that have no affiliation to the company, so I thought I’d give it a go. The company has a UK/Ireland rep now so there’s no import duty or taxes to consider and it’s due to arrive tomorrow after only ordering it yesterday. I had to think twice before parting with the money but if it does what it claims to be able to do I’ll have considered the money well spent. I’ll keep you informed…

denim jacket

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