Kardinal garden 1

My latest embroidery piece is Diana Lampe’s Kardinal rose garden, another one from her Embroidery For All Seasons book. This time I’ve reverted to using my old friend calico which is much better at handling tiny stitches than the Autumn Garden polyester/viscose fabric was. I need a miracle to transform what I’ve stitched so far into things that resemble roses but I have little faith in that happening any time soon. The instructions seemed simple enough – “Mark a circle for the rose with a small circle within. Work each petal from the inside circle with three or four buttonhole stitches forming a scallop shape.  Work five petals around the circle then work three or four inner petals to overlap the first.” Believe it or not, I did plenty of fairly satisfactory test roses on a scrap of fabric first but my scallop shapes on the main piece have ended up with points (why?) and the inner petals on the few rose heads I added them to did nothing to convince me that I was actually stitching roses. Lets face it, my roses are pathetic and not rose-like at all. I think I might be I will be unpicking this lot…



2 Responses to “Kardinal garden 1”

  1. wendy Says:

    could it be that your scallops are not long enough or there are too many stitches on each one. A longer stitch with less stitches will lie straighter and just curve gently

    • Mrs G Says:

      I think the problem was that my sewing hand refused to follow what my brain was telling it to do. I unpicked the daisy/roses and re-stitched them not long after I posted about the problem (as you’ll see in my next post). I really appreciate that you took time time to suggest how I might fix them – thanks!

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