paper posies

I had a notion to make some flowers this week from paper instead of embroidering them. I have two books on making flowers but I didn’t have the patience to colour and then stiffen any silk fabric so of course I scoured the internet and having watched a pair of beautiful hands on You Tube make fabulous flowers of all kinds, I expected to be able to make a few passable versions with the crepe paper that I bought from a local stationers. Wrong. More times than not, when I gently twisted my paper as per the demo, it ripped. Turns out that there are two grades of crepe paper – the kind I bought in my local stationers and florist crepe paper which is much more flexible and stronger but is more expensive and only available online. Hmmm. I then remembered that I had lots of paper twist, which I bought for a long forgotten project many years ago. It wasn’t as flexible as I would have liked it to be but the results were acceptable. I have zero floral arranging skills so I won’t be showing any of the other flowers that I made, only these two little posies. No need to set myself up for further ridicule is there?

6 Responses to “paper posies”

  1. Judy Sall Says:

    Amazing… I recently got on a paper flower kick… bought a great book, ordered supplies, just haven’t had time to dive in yet. Glad I’m not the only one! Thanks for the inspiration…

  2. thecraftersapprentice Says:

    oh wow, beautiful! no ridicule here, I’d like to see the rest!

  3. allison Says:

    these will look very nice in the mother’s day window

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