sneak peak

Recently, I was lucky to buy a decent amount of mixed embroidery wool for just £2 from a local charity shop. Last week I finally got around to sewing something using it plus the Appleton’s wool I already had. I didn’t have the usual linen union fabric recommended for crewel wool work and since it’s outrageously expensive to buy, the back of an old linen shirt of JP’s had to do instead but it has actually been a joy to stitch on. Here’s a little peak:

5 Responses to “sneak peak”

  1. thecraftersapprentice Says:

    looking good! I have a few crewel kits and I don’t think they use linen Union, it’s certainly thinner than the extortionately expensive piece that I have anyway!
    thanks for your comment on my blog!

  2. niasunset Says:

    Wonderful, I loved the colours, what’s going to be, I wonder now. Thank you, Love, nia

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