what if? #2

Using yet another ‘fail’ piece of fabric painting, I placed the cut-out words from what if! #1 underneath and rubbed oil pastels and water soluble wax pastels over them before free machine stitching and couching too. I then roughly cut the piece into strips, and then small squares.


This simple six rows of five squares layout used all the squares and that was how I left it overnight.


This morning it seemed too safe and boring but more essentially, a pointless exercise if the text couldn’t be read. I also realised that I didn’t need to use all the squares so I selected the text squares, divided some other squares further and settled on this:

It reminds me of graffiti and I like that there are little pieces missing from the text. I also like how I succeeded in turning a fail piece into something I’d be happy to see on my wall.

The painted fabric is blackout curtain lining which doesn’t fray, accepts paint well and stitches through easily. The dark background is cotton sheeting and an additional layer of re-cycled white sheeting was stitched behind that.

2 Responses to “what if? #2”

  1. thecraftersapprentice Says:

    it looks great! I’d love to do some work like this, but I completely lack the confidence to start

    • Mrs G Says:

      Thanks Wendy. Remind yourself at the outset that you have nothing to lose and possibly a lot to gain. Cutting up a ‘fail’ piece is liberating, and re-arranging the cut pieces puts a different perspective on it. Ask “what if… I add colour, or stitches, or cut it again into different shapes?” or “what if… I use the cut pieces on something else?” The possibilities hopefully will increase with each ask of the “what if?”. I dare you to have fun!

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