painting the roses final

I have stitched the last stitch, and Painting The Roses Red will now be put away until I get around to having it framed.


6 Responses to “painting the roses final”

  1. e1aine Says:

    Sorry for the late comment but I’m catching up.

    I think this is absolutely beautiful and well worth the massive effort it clearly took. I just love it! ❤

  2. thecraftersapprentice Says:

    wow. This is stunning! Absolutely beautiful!

  3. allison Says:

    looks really nice, another one for the collection. maybe you should hang them as a set.

    • Mrs G Says:

      Thank you. An Alice related set was always the plan and that’s three done now which I think is enough. As for hanging as a set, I baulk at the price of the framing so it’ll be a while before this one and Humpty Dumpty are on a wall (no inverse pun intended!)

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