stitch query

Has anyone heard of nut stitch? I found it in Lesley Turpin-Delport’s book Just Flowers in the glossary of Crewel stitches under the heading of chain stitches. I can’t find any reference to nut stitch online (apart from a knitting reference) nor in any of my many embroidery books. Does anyone out there know of this stitch or do you recognise it but know it as something else? I’d love to know. I’m left-handed so had to mirror the book image to try this stitch but found it awkward and I needed a second needle to keep the loops the same size. This is how the book shows it for right-handed stitchers:

2 Responses to “stitch query”

  1. suetortoise Says:

    Well, I have more stitch dictionaries than most, and I have never seen this stitch before. I wouldn’t worry, there are lots of combinations of stitches that don’t have generally-agreed-on names and you may find yourself inventing a few for yourself. This one might have come from Brazilian stitchery, but that’s just a guess.

    • Mrs G Says:

      Thanks for the update on this one. Your comment has been the only one so perhaps no-one else has come across it either or it was invented by the book author!

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