upcycled #10

In years past I’ve made and clothed rag dolls and made coats to cover a teddy’s bald patches resulting from constant cuddling but I’d never made clothes for a doll with a rigid body until this week. “It’s only a doll”, I told myself, “How hard can it be to make a dress for it?”. It might have helped to have had a dress pattern to begin with and some stretch fabric would have been useful too but I had neither. Undaunted, I measured the doll and ‘designed’ and cut out a prototype simple sleeveless shift dress with a generous back opening. It went on over her head but then I couldn’t get the arms through the armholes. If I pulled it on feet-first I had the same problem. I had a cup of tea and pondered an alternative.

Dress design number two was a sleeved dress but if I included a back seam, the opening had to be sufficient to get over the angled limbs and I had no suitable elastic or tape to then gather the resulting gaping neckline closed. This project was becoming a ridiculous waste of time for a doll that might not even sell so I tidied everything away and turned my attention to framing the now completed Facade kit.

When I went back to the dress, I added a couple of tucks at the neckline to prevent it slipping off her shoulders and a scrap of lace trim added some detail. What had been intended as the back seam became a front opening and two child-friendly Kam snaps were used as closures. Job done. Never to be repeated.


Earlier in the week I made four more teacup pin cushions and I think I’ve made enough of these now.

more teacup pincushions

Here’s the Facade needlework kit now repaired, stretched, mounted and framed. As per the pattern, there are very few straight lines of stitching or felt applique. I wouldn’t want to have done the whole kit as all the wonkiness would have annoyed me no end but it doesn’t look too bad in a frame against my hall carpet!

Facade embroidery kit now framed


2 Responses to “upcycled #10”

  1. Catherine Says:

    Well done on lots of finishes! I’ve never before contemplated how difficult dress making for dolls would be. Perhaps not something to try anytime soon!

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