Red Cross theft

During my weekly visit with the Red Cross upcycling group today, I was handed this teacup which was found on our upcycled shelf on the shop floor:



This is what it should have looked like:


It must have taken some force to separate the pin cushion part from the cup. Why not steal the whole thing? Was it just wanton vandalism or was someone so desperate for a pin cushion (but not a teacup) at that particular moment? Perhaps they thought it was a real cupcake? I’m not often at a loss for words but this mindless act left me speechless. There won’t be a reward posted for its recovery but if you know of its whereabouts you can leave details in a comment (anonomously if necessary).

6 Responses to “Red Cross theft”

  1. Elena Says:

    I am baffled as well! Besides vandalism, I can only think of one reason to do it: to discover how it was made. But how strange and upsetting! 😦

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