Workbox #12 gable end

I thought a climbing plant would be appropriate for one of the gable ends of the Home Sweet Home workbox. I was trying to suggest a Boston Ivy here but it’s taken several hours and much unpicking and restitching to get this far and I’m still not satisfied with it so I think it’s time to cover it up and leave it for a while. The front of the house will be next.

gable end climber

4 Responses to “Workbox #12 gable end”

  1. Catherine Says:

    Your stitching is beautiful and I’m sure after some much needed time apart the inspiration on how to tackle it will strike you!

  2. virtuosewadventures Says:

    The “turn your back and do something else for a while” technique has worked for me on more than one occasion. I hope it brings your Boston Ivy to heel for you!

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