more advent calendar toys

Three more toys made from the Advent Calendar book.

Advent calendar toys
Advent calendar toys


It’s inevitable that when I’m looking for something particular online I’ll be sidetracked by something completely unrelated. Recently it was penny rugs that caught my attention and although they’re usually made from wool I used acrylic felt as I didn’t have any wool fabric. My circles were hand cut and my alignment of the smaller circles is less than perfect but I’ve told myself that this only adds to their hand-made charm.

This is roughly eight evenings worth of penny making and I’ve a load more ready for stitching. I haven’t decided what I might use them for but I’ll keep making them until I get sidetracked by something else.

acrylic felt pennies

upcycled #13

A peg bag. Or a toy bag for very small toys. Or a bag for smalls.

36cm wide and 16cm deep from the lower edge of the opening.

Red Cross theft

During my weekly visit with the Red Cross upcycling group today, I was handed this teacup which was found on our upcycled shelf on the shop floor:



This is what it should have looked like:


It must have taken some force to separate the pin cushion part from the cup. Why not steal the whole thing? Was it just wanton vandalism or was someone so desperate for a pin cushion (but not a teacup) at that particular moment? Perhaps they thought it was a real cupcake? I’m not often at a loss for words but this mindless act left me speechless. There won’t be a reward posted for its recovery but if you know of its whereabouts you can leave details in a comment (anonomously if necessary).

more mug rugs

I bought a length of black heavyweight fusible interfacing earlier in the year but I haven’t had much success with it fusing to anything. It’s also not what I would call heavyweight. I didn’t get any instructions with it (should have asked, I know), so it’s been trial and error each time I’ve used it. Sometimes steam works, sometimes not. Sometimes the iron needs to be hot, sometimes not. Sometimes I need to keep the iron in one place for a while, sometimes not. Sometimes it bonds to the fabric but mostly it just WON’T BOND AT ALL. You get the picture.

Yesterday I was in the mood to make mug rugs and thought the aforementioned interfacing would be ideal as a padding even if it didn’t bond to the felt I was using but this time it did, using steam. Perhaps it only likes to be associated with felt? Whatever.

4″ square of interfacing bonded to a 5″ square of felt on front and back but only free-machine embellished one side.

Molly’s stand-in

Meet Romeo from Kerry Lord’s book Edward’s Menagerie Dogs which Big Sis had on her bookshelf this summer. The crochet pattern said the loop stitches for the muzzle should be 6cm long but when I cut the loops, they neither seemed long enough nor to be enough of them (no photo unfortunately). Eventually I ripped it back and re-crocheted the muzzle area without any loop stitches, then added the beard as if I was hooking a rug. Once his eyes, nose, and ears had been added he looked more like the schnauzer he’s supposed to be and I was happy enough to give him as an early birthday gift to Molly‘s mum. I always intended him to be a kind of fun stand-in as it was possible that no pup would be available until next year but even though he’ll only be on stand-in duty for two weeks, I think Romeo will be a keeper. No insurance, vet, or food bills, no late-night necessary walks, no groomer costs, what’s not to love?

Advent calendar anyone?

I like easy-to-make Christmas decorations and Sachiyo Ishii’s book Sew Your Own Felt Advent Calendar (by Search Press) seemed to fit the bill. The two pocket toys I’ve made so far were easy enough to make but my oh my, were they fiddly to cut, sew, and stuff, even after I’d increased the pattern pieces by 25%! Personally, I prefer the type of advent calendar where the chocolate er, item for each day, is a hidden surprise but in this calendar it looks as though the toys are intended to be visible right from day one so this particular calendar doesn’t work for me as a countdown to Christmas. However, as I said, I bought the book mainly for the toy patterns but if I did make the calendar itself, I’d increase the overall size of the calendar and pockets and give those a closure of some sort to add the surprise element.

My santa and elf are 4.5 inches tall, 1 inch taller than the book pattern size.