workbox #12 house front – not

I know it’s a make-believe embroidered house but I had to turn what I had planned to be the front of the house into the back of the house when it became obvious that I hadn’t left much space between the windows for a door plus surround that looked in proportion. Silly I know. Anyway, here’s what’s now the back of the house and the first gable end with additional leaves and stems on the “Boston Ivy”.

Workbox #12 gable end

I thought a climbing plant would be appropriate for one of the gable ends of the Home Sweet Home workbox. I was trying to suggest a Boston Ivy here but it’s taken several hours and much unpicking and restitching to get this far and I’m still not satisfied with it so I think it’s time to cover it up and leave it for a while. The front of the house will be next.

gable end climber

After a brief interlude…

…I have returned to the blog. The main reason I haven’t blogged for two months is that I had a problem with my left hand which made it awkward to type and almost impossible to sew anything without a great deal of pain and along with that I totally lost the will to be creative. Nothing had changed by the end of November so I tidied away all my sewing gear and wondered what I ought to do with all the stuff I thought I might never use again. I was busy with non-crafty things in December and suddenly it was 2019 (Happy New Year by the way!), and two days ago I felt like being creative again and my wrist didn’t hurt when I tentatively tested alternatives to the book’s recommended method for the windows for the Home Sweet Home project. I’m delighted to be back in the zone.

workbox #11 windows pt1

I don’t have enough spare fabric to redo any wall if I mess up the windows so I’m using scraps to practice on. The image shows four different colours of nylon organza because until the frames are embroidered, I can’t tell which colour might be best for the window panes.

The book says to trace the windows onto applique paper and fuse the organza to the ground fabric with it. I was loath to buy a pack of applique paper as I can’t see me ever using it again so my substitute was Heat n Bond Lite. This means I had to draw the window guidelines directly onto the organza itself but a pencil for the lighter three and a UniPin fine liner for the darkest organza seem to show up well enough.

workbox #10 housefront

After doing nothing on the Home Sweet Home workbox for approximately six months, this morning I think I’ve settled on the look of the housefront although I may change my mind several more times before I put stitch to fabric. For starters, the angle of the image would suggest that the house (inner red border) might be too small to have so many windows so I may ditch one or two.

HSH house front

workbox #9 needlecase back

Today is the first day in almost a week that I’ve been able to access any embroidery as all the contents of my workroom had to be stored in another room while some major re-plastering followed by re-decoration was done. The workmen will be back again after the Easter break but I have been able to move most of my craft and sewing supplies back into my workroom and finished this imperfectly shaped and hitherto unknown species of blue flower which will be on the back of the needlecase.

workbox #9 needlebook

I chose a rose for the workbox needlebook front but I haven’t given any thought to what will be embroidered on the back.