Big Sis’s wip

I added a few stitches yesterday and then thought that I ought to take a piccie before doing any more. I’ll post again as I do more to it so that Big Sis can see that it’s not just stuck in a cupboard!

The office I worked in twenty years ago had organised a coach trip to a stitch and craft show at the NEC in Birmingham and as Big Sis was visiting me at the time, we took the opportunity to go. She bought this Footpath to Quarndon Rowandean kit and I bought Barbara and Roy Hirst’s book Raised Embroidery. I have to own up to always wanting to stitch this. I think I badgered Big Sis into buying it, saying that it would be quick to stitch. Quicker than twenty years anyway! I haven’t given up on my own thirty-odd years old wip in case you were wondering. I keep it near and add some more stitches now and again so it too will eventually be finished – promise!

footpath to Quarndon

just in

About twenty minutes ago, I heard our letterbox flap lift and went to retrieve our Sunday newspapers only to find that they were still in the process of being stuffed through the gap. When I opened the door, the delivery man pointed out the egg on our doormat and said he’d been met by a flurry of noisy pigeon wings as he turned the corner to our flat. It’s been a few years since we’ve had an egg laid on our doormat and I thought that in the absence of feathers and twigs in over a year that they’d found a better place to roost. Silly me. The information that our doormat is reasonably secluded and therefore safe from predators other than the human variety, is obviously shared (by pigeon post?) amongst the birds in the neighbourhood.  The delivery man told me quite sincerely that to have an egg laid on our mat today of all days was a gift from God and therefore lucky but I’d prefer a milk chocolate version any day.


meet Jasper

I returned home on Wednesday evening after spending two weeks with Big Sis and this little guy.  Sadly, Dave the dalmation left us for the great hereafter just before I arrived but we’re sure that he must have left secret notes for Jasper as he seems to have already learned some of Dave’s old tricks! As I write this, Jasper is just over ten weeks old. He’s a scruffy labradoodle who’s very bouncy, has a fondness for furry slippers (mine), squeaks a lot, is not quite sure yet what cats and birds are for, loves to tug at labels, and is soooooo adorable that I was almost tempted to sneak him into my case and bring him home with me. He wasn’t quite ready to venture out into the big wide world so days out with Big Sis were limited but Jasper was an excellent distraction and a constant source of entertainment so I didn’t mind and I did succeed in doing lots of embroidery during our time indoors but I’ll save those photos for a future post.




Today, the painter man came and filled holes in the walls and then painted our bedroom walls. Once he was gone, I hoovered up the debris he created and cleaned the windows, now dotted with paint.
Today, JP and I put our bedroom furniture back in place and agreed to a moratorium on hanging his choice of pictures for the bedroom wall.
Today, I received a ‘Happy Anniversary!’ notification from WordPress. I’ve had this blog for two years. How time flies!
Today, Big Sis is travelling south from beyond up north to visit for ten days.
Today, I am doing lots of furniture moving so I won’t feel guilty if I don’t go to today’s keep-fit session.
Today, I will make a start on Sachiko Morimoto’s Lavender.

That Tapestry again

I intended to write some fabulous posts when I got home about my visit north of the border but here I am two weeks later, and all I’ve done is post a photo of Dave. Instead of blogging, I’ve been busy doing real-life stuff although if you asked me to specify what, I’d find it really difficult to say, so it obviously was nothing out of the ordinary. This morning however, as I sit here coughing and spluttering and heavy with cold, thanks to my generous elder son, I decided to sift through all the photos I took of the Great Scottish Tapestry and post a few for your delight and interest (or not, at the case may be).


Big sis and I had planned to see the tapestry at Cockenzie House near Prestonpans and then have a quick visit to the National Gallery back in Edinburgh but it was not to be. It took three train journeys with lengthy waits in between, followed by a three mile walk to the venue, not including an initial 15 minute walk in the wrong direction. There were no ‘find us’ instructions on the venue’s website and although we had studied a map before leaving home, the route seemed quite different in reality and we had to ask for directions twice. When we finally found the place, we headed straight to the tearoom and only after a much needed large pot of Earl Grey tea did we venture in to the exhibition itself.

I didn’t think that Cockenzie House was particularly suited for displaying the tapestry panels. It’s a 17th century manager’s house (although manager of what, the website does not say) and the majority of the rooms where the panels were hanging are not large enough for the panels to be admired from any distance. Some panels were also hung along corridors which made it even more difficult to see them comfortably. In its favour, small rooms meant that all visitors were able to get up close and inspect the panels in great detail if they wished.


While we were at Cockenzie House, I didn’t pass anyone who seemed to be younger than sixty. I’m not sure what that tells me so I won’t dwell on it.

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home again

I had a lovely time with big sis last week but it seemed that I had no sooner arrived than it was time to pack and leave. Every time we went out I had my camera with me and took loads of photos, some of which I will no doubt bore you with in future posts. Here’s one of Dave the Opportunist Thief, pretending that he’s still hungry after stealing and eating a whole packet of pigs ears while big sis and I were out.