upcycled #12

A member of our Red Cross upcycling group brought in a few fabric sample books this week. In the past I’ve found it impossible to cleanly separate the fabric from the paper glued to the back of the samples thus reducing the amount of usable fabric available. One of the sample books this week only had a paper border on one side so I left them lying on my workbench and as the fabric/paper was flexible, what came to mind was to make rolled beads. They’re not fabulous I admit, and I think they need a shiny finish of some kind, but they’re not too bad for a first go and good old YouTube has given me additional ideas to try on the remaining strips.

On Friday I made another bag. The pattern was actually for an origami-style tote bag but I’ll label it as a toy bag since the fabric is printed with a combination of toy images and flowers.

upcycled #4

I found a basket of old cups languishing in the sorting area of my local Red Cross shop. Each of them were without companion cups or saucers and one or two have small cracks and unlikely to be sold. I’ve now given six of them a new lease of life as pin cushions. Fun to make and they got the thumbs-up from the HQ visitors last week who had come to see what our craft group was up to.

The large orange pin cushion is filled with half a polystyrene ball and the rest with polyester toy filling. For additional stability I hot-glued a stone or two inside each base and the cushions were then hot-glued to the cup rims along with the trims.

ginger jar

Well, roughly based on a ginger jar shape anyway. This was all stitched before I had made the jug in yesterday’s post but each time I pushed one piece into shape it would collapse somewhere else. The solution was to inflate a balloon inside it but I was all out of those so that had to wait for a supermarket trip yesterday. The balloon puffed it up quite nicely and I then painted it with a branded fabric stiffener rather than my normal go-to PVA, but there are still a few little dents in places so I think a second balloon and another coat of stiffener are in order.

Constructed from a scrap length of the usual heavy duty interfacing which I had painted with acrylics many months ago and using a bog-standard glue stick meant for paper, I attached a now unidentifiable thin fabric to the back, ironed it to help set the glue and then free-motion stitched five of the panels and the base. On the sixth panel I strung a length of small beads randomly tied in overhand knots before hand stitching them to the panel. It stands about 5″ tall and approximately 4.5″ wide and has no earthly use whatsoever. I think it needs a lid but I didn’t factor that in at the beginning and I used the largest remaining scrap for something else which I’ll show you another day.

6 sided pot 26 sided pot pieces

triangular box update

I added more leaves to the lid top and sides. I hope you’ll agree with me that it’s a vast improvement on the original!triangular fabric box

triangular box update

triangular box update2

felt flower bouquet

I’ve been making these larger flowers and leaves this week and having lots of fun in the process.

felt flowers 1

felt flowers 2

felt flowers 3

floral request

I was recently asked to make more fabric flowers so over yesterday and today that’s what I did. I think I’m better at making them than photographing them!



scent-free garden

I’ve been making these flowers since yesterday and plan to make more but floral arrangements are few and far between in this household so a trip to the local charity shops might be in order to find a suitable container together with a book on flower arranging!