hoots man!

Having lots of fun with free-motion this week.

Raw edge applique on cotton.
Free-motion scarecrow coloured with Inktense blocks.

box of birds parrot wannabee

I didn’t have a particular kind of bird in mind when I drew this one but now the slip is finished I think it’s a parrot wannabe.


The Chinese New Year brings in the year of the rooster on the 28th of January and I’ve made this one to sit in my son’s shop window. The rooster stands approximately 18 inches crest to claw and about 14 inches chest to tail tip. The body is papier maché formed over a balloon then cut and shaped when dry. The inner neck is a shaped cardboard tube. All the feathers are individually cut from a variety of cardboard, determined by the boxes I had waiting to be recycled. The claws are wire covered with floral tape. A hot glue gun was used to put it all together after which I painted it with gesso then acrylic paints. I saw something similar on the internet made from egg cartons but I didn’t have the time to save enough of those. If I ever made another bird this way I’d probably paint the cardboard first – it would make it much quicker to complete.


a little meadow and some legs

I’ve been working on this little 7″ x 5″ meadow for several weeks just doing a few stitches at a time as it’s impossible to do much more when you need to read sub-titles on the television but I think it’s done now. Calico for the ground fabric as usual. I mixed acrylic paints with medium to turn them into fabric paints but I’m not sure what benefit if any was gained by doing so. I think the calico would have taken the colour just as easily without the addition of the medium.


I used this excellent free pattern to make a couple of chicks as a start for lots more to use in a future window display and then had a session of just making legs using various wire gauges and construction methods as practice for a much larger bird I had in mind to make. The big bird is not made from fabric and there’s no stitching involved but it’s not quite finished so all you get today is chicks studying the results of the leg making practice.



not for the bird box

I made this little bird today to test a pattern I’d made. It needs tweaking but it’s not bad for a first try and it kept me occupied for most of the day.


Pretty parrot 4

I wasn’t happy with the parrot body stitching I did yesterday. The body has four layers of felt fused to organza which was quite plump even without the addition of hundreds of stitches and I didn’t think my stitches looked very much like feathers so I ripped out the stitches, removed the lowest felt layer and prepared it once more for stitches. Today I took a day off from stitching to have a day out with JP and when we came home, JP wanted to catch up on today’s cricket so I took myself off to the work room and made the boysenberries.



fat little owl

This little owl is a birthday gift for a friend and the owl shouldn’t have been so fat but I quite like him that way even though he looks as if he might not be able to fly off the branch! He’s based on the owl brooch in the Stumpwork Embroidery book by Jane Nicholas, a book I’ve had for many years but have never stitched any of the projects in it until now.

The hanging frame is one of those plastic ones where the outer frame rolls onto a groove on the outside edge of the inner hoop and I used almost a whole skein of green embroidery thread to cover up the original red colour. The blue fabric is silk backed with calico. The inner frame measures approximately 3″ in diameter.