dogs and birds

I’ve been in the mood to sew since last Friday so I cut out some little dogs and birds, added fusible batting to white fabric, and then appliqued the dogs and birds. My original intention was to make mug rugs but a couple of drawstring bags might be more saleable in the Red Cross shop. The bags are made from denim and each has a dog on one side and a bird on the other, colour co-ordinated purely by chance. Size is approx 7″ (18cm) square.

box of birds pied wagtail

Bird number four is a pied wagtail and that gives me enough birds for one on each side of a rectangular box, but I’ve begun stitching a contingency robin in case I mess up somewhere further along the line.


box of birds nuthatch 2

The little nuthatch slip is now finished and I think I did right by leaving out the padding.

3 little birdies

I made this piece of fabric yesterday from some of the scraps left over from the latest felt flowers I made the other week. Of course, once the fabric was made I didn’t know what to do with it (so what’s new?!). Then I read this post on Gina Ferrari’s blog Fan My Flame and decided my ‘new’ fabric would be ideal for making some birdies of my own so that’s what I’ve done today. I’d cut and sewed around the edge of the bird body circles before I remembered that I hadn’t taken a reference photo of the fabric so just laid them back in place.


felt scrap fabric


3 birdies


tangled birds

I wanted to try something different with the tangling so here’s a couple of bird-inspired tangles (or tangle-inspired birds to be more pc) for you. The tile was done yesterday and the other one in the last hour or so. I was wearing the wrong specs when I did the non-tile one and I kinda lost the tangling plot when it came to the underbelly!

I’ve been using cheap Daler Rowney A5 Graduate Sketchbooks for my stitchy stuff ideas for several years now and the paper quality isn’t too bad for tangling with the Pigma Micron pens. The paper doesn’t have too much tooth so the pen glides quite nicely over it. The books are available from W H Smith’s if anyone’s interested.



birdie house

This little box has been a work in progress since the beginning of February but I had problems with the lid design so it was put to one side until I got a eureka moment. That came this morning when I realised that it would look much better with a roof rather than a four-sided pointed lid which was the original intention. Funny how the simplest ideas are often the best. Does it need a chimney now?

The box stands 4.5″ high at the gable end and the sides are 3″ square. The inner box is made from firm card covered with soft cotton fabric and then stitched to the felt. I also added a wire frame to give stability before stitching the felt on. You can see the original design and all four sides here.






framed and caged

Today I’ve been compiling instructions for an apron pattern for the Janome Owner’s group that I belong to. I didn’t actually use a pattern as such when I made the apron that I showed the group in December but they’ve asked for a demo and a pattern so I finally stopped prevaricating and worked it out today. I just need a pattern tester now. This could be a first lesson for Ms P if she’s interested…?

I finished these on Sunday after the lavender pyramid (which the recipient was delighted to receive I’m happy to say) but forgot until now that I hadn’t posted them. The first two are really too big to wear as brooches which was the original idea. They might look OK on the wall of an exceptionally grand doll’s house perhaps. The third one is just an odd shape!

DSCF4228 DSCF4229 DSCF4231