not quite done yet

Two more pots/baskets/bowls, whatever you want to call them. The blue and white one has a hinged lid and reminded JP of a snake-charmer’s basket.


orange dish

snake charmer basket

8 days later

A new card reader was received by post last week but it wasn’t what I had ordered so it’s now about to be returned. Fortunately I had also ordered another from a different supplier and it arrived on Saturday. The second reader was the correct kind so I’m happily transferring images from camera to computer once more.

Here are two more of the fabric bowls I made last week. More to see tomorrow!

blue beige basket b

blue and red bowl

September flower 2

Here’s another free-motion machine-embroidered flower for September, based on the knapweed flower. As a practice piece after testing different machine settings and stitches, it was extremely useful. One layer of thin poly-cotton fabric was backed with medium weight iron-on dressmaker’s interfacing and then hooped before stitching.  Unfortunately, the wrinkles and puckers worsened as I increased the length of the stems and added a couple of leaves so I unpicked the leaves and shortened the stems but it didn’t satisfactorily cure the puckers. It could have been the stitch length or tension or the direction of the fabric weave or stitches, too thin a fabric, or a multitude of other reasons. Time to consult a book or two.

another flower

oval pot this time

Another pot which is a bit ‘rough and ready’ as it was a trial at making a straight-sided pot and I wasn’t concerned with the finish although I do like the swirl! It looks huge in the photo but is only 2″ tall with a 5 x 3″ base. All of the pots constructed on the sewing machine tend to flare out once you start to curve upwards but I’ll try several times more before admitting defeat.





I’ve spent the past eight days in idleness and it’s been lovely. I haven’t done anything craft related whatsoever and I haven’t felt guilty at all. Shortly before mid-day however, after completing the umpteenth online jigsaw of the morning, I decided it was worth suffering jigsaw cold turkey and get back to sewing again. By this afternoon a small landscape idea was beginning to take shape for which the first step was to paint a semblance of land and sky onto the calico with watercolours. Setting the colours by ironing can wait ’til tomorrow, by which time I may have thought of something better to sew!


I’d sue otherwise

If these little houses were built from bricks and mortar I’d sue the architect, but since they’re only figments of my imagination constructed during twenty or so minutes of somewhat jerky hoop movement under the sewing needle, I don’t need to. Free-motion embroidery, on polycotton fabric, approximately 4.5″ x 4.5″.  I thought the Juliet balcony in the last one would be an excellent selling point although the roof would need to be re-attached to make the place watertight!

cottage house

wonky house

tall house

framed and caged

Today I’ve been compiling instructions for an apron pattern for the Janome Owner’s group that I belong to. I didn’t actually use a pattern as such when I made the apron that I showed the group in December but they’ve asked for a demo and a pattern so I finally stopped prevaricating and worked it out today. I just need a pattern tester now. This could be a first lesson for Ms P if she’s interested…?

I finished these on Sunday after the lavender pyramid (which the recipient was delighted to receive I’m happy to say) but forgot until now that I hadn’t posted them. The first two are really too big to wear as brooches which was the original idea. They might look OK on the wall of an exceptionally grand doll’s house perhaps. The third one is just an odd shape!

DSCF4228 DSCF4229 DSCF4231