playing with orts

This week has been an unsettled one as far as needle and threads have been concerned. I needed to use a magnifying glass for my tulips embroidery but because the magnifyer and my d-i-y lighting system are hung round my neck and they got in the way of each other so I gave up on the tulips.  Several daytime sessions at thread painting were unsatisfactory too and most were binned, apart from this little bowl which used up some of my growing collection of orts.

Two layers of cotton fabric were topped with a circular layer of pelmet vilene marked into twelve segments. Orts were applied to each segment with a random free-motion zig zag under a layer of heavy-duty water soluble interfacing and then an automatic machine stitch was used to stitch a swirl from the centre outwards with satin stitching around the rim. Machine stitched bar-tacks and darts provide shaping to the bowl. The ort side has a fuzzy appearance but the surface is actually fairly compact and threads can’t easily be removed due to the free-motion stitching and the fact that the water-soluble interfacing was only partially washed out.  It’s not the prettiest bowl I’ve ever made but the method is one that could be developed so I’ll hang on to it.

orts dish

orts dish2

at the finish line

This is the last of the fabric bowls which you’ve not seen together with some tissue holders which I made last weekend and which will also go for sale. I’m so pleased I don’t do this for a living.

blue white lidded pot

tissue holders

not quite done yet

Two more pots/baskets/bowls, whatever you want to call them. The blue and white one has a hinged lid and reminded JP of a snake-charmer’s basket.


orange dish

snake charmer basket

8 days later

A new card reader was received by post last week but it wasn’t what I had ordered so it’s now about to be returned. Fortunately I had also ordered another from a different supplier and it arrived on Saturday. The second reader was the correct kind so I’m happily transferring images from camera to computer once more.

Here are two more of the fabric bowls I made last week. More to see tomorrow!

blue beige basket b

blue and red bowl

gone to pot

I have been asked in the past if I sell the things I make but I’ve always said no and I recently turned down a commission to make a fabric bowl or two for someone who liked one of my fabric pots that was being used to display items in my son’s shop. I don’t know what changed my mind about selling them but I did and this week I’ve made two large lidded pots and a small bowl, with another under the machine needle as I write this. My son has kindly agreed to sell them in his shop at the end of November so I have lots of time to make more and still do other things too.

orange pot

blue pot 1



a bowl of flowers

Wednesday’s work: hand and machine embroidery on appliqué, and the background fabric coloured with oil pastel crayons.

bowl of flowers