camera, orchard and Alice

For a few months now my camera has been showing intermittently that the card is protected although it’s not. My solution was to remove the card and re-insert it but last weekend it showed ‘card protected’ no matter what I tried or which card was inserted. It’s now away for investigation and in the meantime I’ve only got my phone camera or an older camera with batteries that don’t hold the charge for very long so any images here for a while will be even poorer than normal.

The orchard embroidery has been partially unpicked but not re-stitched so far. The absence of any comments on the orchard suggests that anyone who reads this blog agreed with me about the general bleh-ness of the piece and was just too polite to say so. That’s quite alright. I put it to one side while I made more chicks but I didn’t take any more chick pictures before handing them over for the shop window display. The latest ones are almost identical to the first ones anyway so you’re not missing anything by not having a picture to look at today.

I’ll soon be off to Beyond Up North (aka Scotland) and because much of my time there may be spent indoors, I wanted to take a long-term embroidery piece with me so I’ve chosen the John Tenniel illustration Painting the Roses Red from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Calico again for the ground fabric (what else!) and some background colouring done with Inktense blocks and wax crayons. After starting to stitch the leaves with satin then fishbone stitch and deciding that neither looked right, I’ve settled for fly stitch.

read error

Some time after publishing yesterday’s post, I had a read error on my camera card. Long story short, I lost all the images I took of the Great Tapestry of Scotland so I guess I’ll be making another trip to Cheltenham Town Hall this coming week! Might take a tripod with me this time as some of yesterday’s zoomed-in images were ever so slightly blurry.
Couldn’t sleep beyond 5am this morning so I made myself a cup of tea and sat down in the work room to sketch this old Landrover that I passed yesterday. The sketch needs lots more work but right now I need more tea and some breakfast so I’ll finish it another time. Oh yes, it definitely needs a lot more work!