not quite done yet

Two more pots/baskets/bowls, whatever you want to call them. The blue and white one has a hinged lid and reminded JP of a snake-charmer’s basket.


orange dish

snake charmer basket

8 days later

A new card reader was received by post last week but it wasn’t what I had ordered so it’s now about to be returned. Fortunately I had also ordered another from a different supplier and it arrived on Saturday. The second reader was the correct kind so I’m happily transferring images from camera to computer once more.

Here are two more of the fabric bowls I made last week. More to see tomorrow!

blue beige basket b

blue and red bowl

basket case

Yet again a straight-sided pot has eluded me but I think I ended up with a pretty good basket instead. 3″ high, diameter at handle base 6.5″.



oval pot this time

Another pot which is a bit ‘rough and ready’ as it was a trial at making a straight-sided pot and I wasn’t concerned with the finish although I do like the swirl! It looks huge in the photo but is only 2″ tall with a 5 x 3″ base. All of the pots constructed on the sewing machine tend to flare out once you start to curve upwards but I’ll try several times more before admitting defeat.




5 pots for Christmas

Now that the Christmas pots have been distributed, I can show them here. I’m pleased to say that they were each well received. The little orange and red pot was taken to ‘show and tell’ at the Janome owners monthly meeting I went to last week and I was arm-wrestled into agreeing to show how the pots are made at a future meeting. Yikes!