through the woods



Through The Woods9″ x 7″. Scraps of fabric painted with diluted fabric stiffener then appliquéd by machine onto silk. Hand embroidery for the trunks to add definition. As usual, my photography doesn’t do the actual colours justice!

abstract of a sort

On Friday past, after ditching yet another design for June’s stitchy challenge of  ‘The Seaside’, I decided to go off on a tangent and see what I could do with a theme of  ‘leaves’ in a limited colour palette (I’d been sketching leaves during a train journey the day before). “Looks better from a distance” is the nicest thing I can think of to say about it but I’ll keep it as a reference piece. It certainly proves that a basic design needs to be decided upon before needle is put to fabric! My basic ‘leaves’ idea soon became fields, tree trunks, hills, and flowers and I even stitched in a little bird!

abstract landscape copy


Yesterday I quilted around the daisies and trimmed it up. The shape reminds me of the side of an old-fashioned caravan.


latest sewing thingy

Did this over the weekend. It measures approximately 20 x 20 cm. The colours are stronger than the photo suggests but I’m never sure what I should be altering in Photoshop to enhance them properly so you’re stuck with this poor attempt. (Found the image on a poster web site and adapted it slightly but don’t know who the original artist is. Hope I haven’t broken any copyright laws by using it as inspiration!)

Chinese junk