pink daisies

Pink daisies, embroidered over the last three evenings. I just liked the simplicity of the design. It’s obviously intended as a border for something like a tray cloth but you won’t find any tray cloths in this household. So, what to do with it? I could turn it into a book marker but mine are now generally of the electronic variety so that’s a no.  If I repeated the pattern several times on either side I could have a large enough piece of embroidered fabric with which to make yet another tissue cover… Any better ideas out there?

pink daisies


is it enough?

I have a hankering to add a field mouse or more cow parsley to this landscape but sometimes it’s difficult to know when enough is enough. I’ll put it away until tomorrow and think again. Any opinions to share?


Sunday stitches

The tissue holders are now made and I prefer the one with the children on it. I used sew-in interfacing on the blue fabric and lined it with quilting cotton which has given it a little more substance than the birdy one. The birdy version was lined with more of the outer fabric and is much softer. The pouch itself seems a little baggy but if I’d made it any smaller it might have been difficult to put the tissues into it. Because I hadn’t measured exactly where to place the children (duh!), they didn’t match up equally to the edge when folded in so I made that one as an open pouch but I think it’s much better and it shows off the lining nicely.




The floral panel was made to liven up the front of an otherwise extremely boring lightweight canvas shopper. I ironed freezer paper onto polycotton fabric then cut them to A4 size before printing the design in greyscale. I stitched it to a larger piece of identical fabric so that there would always be fabric in the hoop as I moved it around when free-motion embroidering. Trimmed to size when finished and edged with some satin ribbon. Something to do on a wet and windy Easter Sunday!


abstract of a sort

On Friday past, after ditching yet another design for June’s stitchy challenge of  ‘The Seaside’, I decided to go off on a tangent and see what I could do with a theme of  ‘leaves’ in a limited colour palette (I’d been sketching leaves during a train journey the day before). “Looks better from a distance” is the nicest thing I can think of to say about it but I’ll keep it as a reference piece. It certainly proves that a basic design needs to be decided upon before needle is put to fabric! My basic ‘leaves’ idea soon became fields, tree trunks, hills, and flowers and I even stitched in a little bird!

abstract landscape copy


Yesterday I quilted around the daisies and trimmed it up. The shape reminds me of the side of an old-fashioned caravan.


May flowers

We’re only four days into May and I’ve already completed the sewing challenge for the month – twice! When I spoke to big sis earlier this afternoon, she admitted that she had also already completed two pieces!

I coloured the background fabric and the daisies with oil pastels before machine stitching the daisies but I can’t decide whether to quilt around the daisies or not – whatdya all think?



Yellow buttercups were the basis for the second piece on silk tinted with water soluble wax pastels.  The fabric around the flowers was puckered after machining them so I bit the bullet and quilted the whole thing but I think it’s ok.

yellow flowers