handy tote bags

I did two more applique pieces to complement the two pieces I showed in the previous post and then turned them into two tote bags. The little hen is supposed to be carrying a suitcase!

dogs and birds

I’ve been in the mood to sew since last Friday so I cut out some little dogs and birds, added fusible batting to white fabric, and then appliqued the dogs and birds. My original intention was to make mug rugs but a couple of drawstring bags might be more saleable in the Red Cross shop. The bags are made from denim and each has a dog on one side and a bird on the other, colour co-ordinated purely by chance. Size is approx 7″ (18cm) square.

Molly’s stand-in

Meet Romeo from Kerry Lord’s book Edward’s Menagerie Dogs which Big Sis had on her bookshelf this summer. The crochet pattern said the loop stitches for the muzzle should be 6cm long but when I cut the loops, they neither seemed long enough nor to be enough of them (no photo unfortunately). Eventually I ripped it back and re-crocheted the muzzle area without any loop stitches, then added the beard as if I was hooking a rug. Once his eyes, nose, and ears had been added he looked more like the schnauzer he’s supposed to be and I was happy enough to give him as an early birthday gift to Molly‘s mum. I always intended him to be a kind of fun stand-in as it was possible that no pup would be available until next year but even though he’ll only be on stand-in duty for two weeks, I think Romeo will be a keeper. No insurance, vet, or food bills, no late-night necessary walks, no groomer costs, what’s not to love?


Just had to share this picture of an indignant Jasper. He’s modelling a new bathrobe made by Big Sis for getting him dried off more quickly when he’s been out in the rain/playing in the mud/had a bath. Fleecey outer layer, towelling inner. She told him he wouldn’t have to wear it in public but he’s obviously not convinced.



evening work

This is my latest ‘stitch while watching tv’ piece of embroidery.  The words are all stem stitch and the dog and fox are my version of long and short stitch. All worked with a single strand of silk thread apart from the dog’s coat which was with two.

jumping fox

twa dugs

Big Sis was quite taken with the little dog I made a few months ago and yesterday coerced me into making one for her. This afternoon I was arm-twisted into making another for my niece. I had to hurry to take their photograph before they were packed away for the journey to Scotland tomorrow. Meet Dougal (left) and McTavish.


distraction over

My period of distraction has morphed into this dog-walking plant-carrying lady. She stands about seven inches tall. I think the dog looks happy at the prospect of a walk as long as the lady disposes of the plant before they set off.

dog walker

dog walker

woof woof

A few months ago I stitched lots of scraps of felt onto a remnant of cotton fabric and then put it aside because I could think of no use for it.  Yesterday I used it to make a little patchy dog. I wasn’t too fussy about the size of my stitches when stitching him together with yellow and green variegated embroidery threads but I think that adds to his character. He’s about 5″ tall from claw to ear tip, not that that matters much.




morning sketch

DSCF1005I hope to meet Juno in the flesh one day but today I had to resort to sketching her from a photograph.

home again

I had a lovely time with big sis last week but it seemed that I had no sooner arrived than it was time to pack and leave. Every time we went out I had my camera with me and took loads of photos, some of which I will no doubt bore you with in future posts. Here’s one of Dave the Opportunist Thief, pretending that he’s still hungry after stealing and eating a whole packet of pigs ears while big sis and I were out.