yoga block cover

I bought a very firm yoga cushion at class this week but as it was just a rectangular block of compressed foam scraps, I wanted to make a cover for it. I used a kind of faggoting stitch on my sewing machine to join felt scraps to each other on a calico ground fabric and I think that was a better choice of stitch than the simple zig-zag stitch that was used to create a similar patchwork fabric for the twa dugs.



not fit for a queen

A crown was not the intention here but that’s how my new pin cushion turned out. The knotted ‘jewel’ on the top is extremely handy for lifting it from place to place and the table decoration snowflake sequins around the band added that final touch of bling in the absence of the rubies, pearls and diamonds that we might expect to see on a crown. With a base diameter of approximately 4″, it’s unlikely to get lost amongst the clutter at my sewing area and if I’d added ballast of some sort to the base, it could have doubled as a paperweight!


crown pincushion