At the suggestion of Joyce of Little Felt Houses, I’ve now added a hint of grass and a path to help anchor this little house and I think it worked. Thanks, Joyce! I’ve also framed it so that I’m not tempted to fiddle around with it any more.



framed and caged

Today I’ve been compiling instructions for an apron pattern for the Janome Owner’s group that I belong to. I didn’t actually use a pattern as such when I made the apron that I showed the group in December but they’ve asked for a demo and a pattern so I finally stopped prevaricating and worked it out today. I just need a pattern tester now. This could be a first lesson for Ms P if she’s interested…?

I finished these on Sunday after the lavender pyramid (which the recipient was delighted to receive I’m happy to say) but forgot until now that I hadn’t posted them. The first two are really too big to wear as brooches which was the original idea. They might look OK on the wall of an exceptionally grand doll’s house perhaps. The third one is just an odd shape!

DSCF4228 DSCF4229 DSCF4231

Hobbes again

This embroidery of Calvin and Hobbes normally hangs in my workroom but is currently safely stored elsewhere whilst we wait for water-damaged walls to be repaired. This piece, done in 2000, took considerably longer to complete than the little blue one but was just as much fun to do. I don’t covet many things but I do covet a Hobbes of my own. If only!

Approximately 8.5″ x4″, single thread, mainly satin stitch on closely woven cotton (not calico for a change!).