move to trash

I thought this little turtle would be something quick and easy to do but I made it more complicated. The original pattern only has a single layer of felt for the legs and the shell markings are hand embroidered. I deviated and sewed the shell markings by machine and used two layers of felt with padding for the legs and all that extra stitching and padding made it more difficult to sew together. I’ve also just realised that I forgot to add the chin strap for his party hat! At the start, I thought of him as a possible extra pin/needle cushion but needles are likely to get lost amongst the stuffing. There’s an option to ‘move to trash’ any blog post that I’m currently editing and I might just end up doing the same with this little guy or at least consigning him to the box which holds all those other not-sure-what-to-do-with-these things.


more bookmarks

I started this lot yesterday and finished them earlier this morning (I’ve been up for hours). Could ten bookmarks be enough do you think?




felt flower bouquet

I’ve been making these larger flowers and leaves this week and having lots of fun in the process.

felt flowers 1

felt flowers 2

felt flowers 3

red poppies

I like poppies and today I sewed two versions. I fused some red cotton to Bondaweb then cut out some poppy shapes, bonded the flowers to black linen then free-motion embroidered them before quilting the background with small circles. The other version is just free-motion machine embroidery on the same red cotton.

I know someone else who likes poppies and the next time I see her, she’ll be offered one of these tissue holders. My poppies may not be considered as authentic but I’m sure she won’t mind.




It’s been a while since I turned on my sewing machine and I was feeling guilty about that so today I did some free-motion embroidery. Trees were my topic and this is the result of an hour or so using straight and zig-zag stitches across a piece of hooped cotton fabric with a hole cut out. I haven’t stitched over such a large space before without using a stabiliser and it was a little scary to begin with but fun, and the threads didn’t get caught up in each other the way that they can do with stabiliser. I like the skeletal look of the trees early on in the process but I like how they’ve ended up gnarly and a bit twisted and I think I’ll do more of these another day.





I’d sue otherwise

If these little houses were built from bricks and mortar I’d sue the architect, but since they’re only figments of my imagination constructed during twenty or so minutes of somewhat jerky hoop movement under the sewing needle, I don’t need to. Free-motion embroidery, on polycotton fabric, approximately 4.5″ x 4.5″.  I thought the Juliet balcony in the last one would be an excellent selling point although the roof would need to be re-attached to make the place watertight!

cottage house

wonky house

tall house

framed and caged

Today I’ve been compiling instructions for an apron pattern for the Janome Owner’s group that I belong to. I didn’t actually use a pattern as such when I made the apron that I showed the group in December but they’ve asked for a demo and a pattern so I finally stopped prevaricating and worked it out today. I just need a pattern tester now. This could be a first lesson for Ms P if she’s interested…?

I finished these on Sunday after the lavender pyramid (which the recipient was delighted to receive I’m happy to say) but forgot until now that I hadn’t posted them. The first two are really too big to wear as brooches which was the original idea. They might look OK on the wall of an exceptionally grand doll’s house perhaps. The third one is just an odd shape!

DSCF4228 DSCF4229 DSCF4231