tiger tiger 3

He’s finished now and stitched to what I thought was an appropriate background fabric which I never thought I’d find a use for. A suitable mount is yet to be decided upon so he’ll go on a pinboard in the workroom for the time being. Hope he doesn’t scare the inhabitants of a nearby shelf  when they realise he’s staring in their direction!

tiger 3


tiger 4

tiger tiger 2

I spend approximately two hours each evening sewing the tiger and he’s coming along nicely. I’ve no idea how many tiny buttonhole stitches I’ve sewn so far. Won’t be long now before he’s finished unless JP and I decide to watch our pre-recorded episodes of Deutschland 83 which will require reading the sub-titles  as my school grade German is far too rusty to be able to understand everything that is spoken.

tiger 2


At the suggestion of Joyce of Little Felt Houses, I’ve now added a hint of grass and a path to help anchor this little house and I think it worked. Thanks, Joyce! I’ve also framed it so that I’m not tempted to fiddle around with it any more.



pink daisies

Pink daisies, embroidered over the last three evenings. I just liked the simplicity of the design. It’s obviously intended as a border for something like a tray cloth but you won’t find any tray cloths in this household. So, what to do with it? I could turn it into a book marker but mine are now generally of the electronic variety so that’s a no.  If I repeated the pattern several times on either side I could have a large enough piece of embroidered fabric with which to make yet another tissue cover… Any better ideas out there?

pink daisies


a new house

The hand-embroidered colourful house (4″x 3″) was begun last summer and then put aside for months. I recently went back to it as something to keep me awake whilst watching television in the evenings and I finished it yesterday. The tudor-type house (7″ x 10.5″) is free-motion machine embroidery, made this weekend just because I was in the mood to thread paint. I know that there is a lot that’s wrong with this piece but it was fun to stitch and my sewing machine appreciated not having to stitch through nylon rope and several layers of fabric for a change!