free motion fun

I had lots of fabric scraps already fused to Bondaweb so I used some of them to make these fun houses then free motion stitched them to the background. When I began, I didn’t consider what I might do with them. Maybe a long pouch or a small wall hanging. Each ‘street’ is approx 8 x 5 inches (20 x 13 cm). They’re a bit very rough and ready but I like them.

stitching bricks

These little buildings are the result of many hours stitching during a two week visit with Big Sis. I travelled home on Wednesday but didn’t make a single stitch on another piece during the long journey or since then. I have a cold and an irritating cough which have been depriving me of decent sleep since Tuesday and I just haven’t had the energy to concentrate on stitching. Maybe next week.
The buildings each took between twenty and thirty hours to stitch and no bigger than 3″ x 3″.






I’d sue otherwise

If these little houses were built from bricks and mortar I’d sue the architect, but since they’re only figments of my imagination constructed during twenty or so minutes of somewhat jerky hoop movement under the sewing needle, I don’t need to. Free-motion embroidery, on polycotton fabric, approximately 4.5″ x 4.5″.  I thought the Juliet balcony in the last one would be an excellent selling point although the roof would need to be re-attached to make the place watertight!

cottage house

wonky house

tall house

sketchbook collage

I keep seeing fabric book covers on craft blogs and always think that I would have no use for them, but I swapped my sewing samples into a larger folder yesterday and I’m now thinking that I could make make use of a fabric cover after all although I’m not yet sure if I’ll incorporate any of the samples in it or start afresh. Something for another day however as today I’ve been busy with my fineliner pen and some black ink wash. (No rulers were harmed in the making of these drawings.)