an old fox cub

I’m still working on the roses piece but can’t seem to take a decent photograph to show where I’m at. When looking for something this morning, I found this fox cub that I embroidered during the summer of 1981. It’s about 16″ x 12″ (41 x 31cm) and I remember that it was a kit but not the company that sold it or even where I bought it. Storing it in various cupboards in several different houses for 36 years without much care has taken a toll on the background fabric which is quite stained in the area above the fox’s back but remarkably the stitching is still completely intact! I doubt I’ll ever have it framed and hanging but I might attempt to clean it. I’ve got nothing to lose.

Big Sis’s wip 2

This post is to prove to Big Sis that I have been working on this. I also stitched most of the wall and the gate posts a while ago but then I got involved in dressmaking again so it was put to one side for a while more.  I picked it up on Wednesday evening thinking that stitching it might spark some ideas for a new embroidery project and it did! But you’ll have to wait for that. The tree was quick and fun to do.



oldest wip

I resurrected this wip on Saturday. I began it over thirty two years ago when I was pregnant and did most of what you can see before I gave birth. I lost interest in it for the next decade during which time it sat in a cupboard, the frame dismantled and stored with the embroidery in a bag I made specially for it. In the next ten years I unpacked it once more and added only a few more french knots to the trees before it was put away once more. In the last ten years I’ve looked at it once and then packed it all away without adding any more stitches at all, deciding that I hadn’t ever finished it because it was a kit and I had become used to ‘doing my own thing’.

I don’t know why I suddenly felt the need to start stitching it again but looking at it with a more experienced eye than I had when it was first begun, I shudder at some of my stitching quality of thirty two years ago. I know that my stitching is better now than it was then and I could of course do a lot of unpicking and start from the beginning but I’m not going to even though the differences will no doubt be obvious. Wish me luck!

crewel work