Sunday stitches

The tissue holders are now made and I prefer the one with the children on it. I used sew-in interfacing on the blue fabric and lined it with quilting cotton which has given it a little more substance than the birdy one. The birdy version was lined with more of the outer fabric and is much softer. The pouch itself seems a little baggy but if I’d made it any smaller it might have been difficult to put the tissues into it. Because I hadn’t measured exactly where to place the children (duh!), they didn’t match up equally to the edge when folded in so I made that one as an open pouch but I think it’s much better and it shows off the lining nicely.




The floral panel was made to liven up the front of an otherwise extremely boring lightweight canvas shopper. I ironed freezer paper onto polycotton fabric then cut them to A4 size before printing the design in greyscale. I stitched it to a larger piece of identical fabric so that there would always be fabric in the hoop as I moved it around when free-motion embroidering. Trimmed to size when finished and edged with some satin ribbon. Something to do on a wet and windy Easter Sunday!


finishing off

This morning I needed to finish off a couple of things. The first thing was to finally machine sew the hem of the other bedroom curtain lining which had been replaced last month. I don’t know why I didn’t finish this one at the time. It didn’t take long and I feel better about it now. The other thing was this machine embroidery that I started in August and did about three quarters of before putting it to one side. This morning I finished it but I’ve no idea what I’ll do with it. It looks better in the flesh, so to speak but seems a bit odd looking in the photograph. It was really just another exercise in free motion machine embroidery. I think the original black and white image was an illustration from a book but I don’t know by whom or when.

So now I’m all up to date, apart from fitting a roller blind which must wait until I’ve bought a length of wood to hang it from. Time to move the quilt project off the drawing board and onto the cutting surface perhaps.

scissors anyone?

The other day I was dividing bits and bobs into two containers and realised that I had quite a few pairs of scissors, collected over more than thirty years and used for various different purposes, the latest and largest being a purchase of wallpaper cutters only last week and a real bargain at £1.  There’s also a pair or two in a kitchen drawer and I haven’t included nail scissors or the ones in the first aid kit or the others in the bathroom …

I then counted my measuring tapes and found that I have eight of the dressmaking variety plus two heavy duty metal spring-loaded ones for woodworky stuff and of course several rulers of different materials and lengths. How many scissors and rulers/tapes do you have?

When I saw this shirt in a charity shop yesterday I knew it would be the replacement of a dull drab lining in a fleece I wear quite often. It was washed, dried, cut out and sewn from late afternoon until evening and I might wear it today when I’m out! Not bad for £1.99!