using a doodle piece

I’m off to visit Big Sis next week and as usual I’ve prepared something to embroider during the lengthy train journey but I can’t find the little triangular needle case I made a few years ago so I had to make a replacement. It’s as basic as can be, using half of a recent free motion embroidery doodle piece for the outside and a layer of felt on which to park the needles. Being fairly bright and colourful it shouldn’t easily get lost.

red needle case 1

triangular box

A triangular box this time, with leaves and berries applied because the box was so dull with nothing added. The application of the leaves taught me that with a three-sided box, it would have been easier to embellish the lid before it was constructed. Ah well. I live and learn.

triangular fabric box

Thyme and Dill

The Golden Thyme leaves were causing me much grief and a great deal of silent cursing so I moved onto Dill, with an abundance of theraputic french knots and some wire wrapping. Quick, easy and enjoyable.

There are eight leaves in the Golden Thyme project, all wired and needlelaced and you can see from the ruler showing centimetres in the photo below how small they are. The larger leaves are supposed to be constructed in a way that suggests veins but as you can see in (a), I hardly succeeded. I had already ripped out two previous starts and the cursing would have been vocal but for Big Sis being in the room with me. At that point I thought I might just not do Golden Thyme at all but that seemed like a cop-out so I then tried free-motion machine embroidery over a layer of organza and water soluble fusible web (b below), but although it looks more like a leaf, it’s not quite in keeping with the rest of the design. At that point I went away and did non-stitchy things for a while and then started on Dill but I didn’t want to be defeated by a few bits of wire and thread so I went back to the leaves, attempting one which doesn’t need to show veins (c below). This was more successful than (a), even though it’s smaller and therefore should have been trickier to sew. Perhaps I was just in the right place mentally. I haven’t finished all the whip-stitching around the edge which is why you can still see wire in places but that will be done in no time. I started on Santolina late yesterday afternoon and that’s nearly done but today I will make time to sew more thyme leaves and hopefully improve my technique before too long.

thyme leaves

vines of a sort

This was also made on Wednesday as the backing for the bird box hanging but I decided it was too nice to just face a wall so I think I’ll mount it as an individual piece. Should there be a little bird on a branch or two? Free-motion machine embroidery on red felt.


The Seaside

My effort for the month of June’s stitchy piece on ‘The Seaside’, and yes, big sis has completed hers too. I think we need to adapt the challenge somehow – being able to complete them so far ahead of schedule kind of defeats the purpose of having a monthly theme.

I started off with machine appliquéd clouds and then went to town with free-motion machine embroidery. The border was satin stitched and then top stitched with the birds’ foot design on my machine.

The Seaside


a bowl of flowers

Wednesday’s work: hand and machine embroidery on appliqué, and the background fabric coloured with oil pastel crayons.

bowl of flowers

more machine embroidery

Yesterday’s machine embroidery effort on cotton, A4 size. I have no idea what I’ll do with this. I expect it will simply join the ranks of the other things I’ve made recently that I also have no idea what to do with.

The original book was The Ancient Mariner, and the cover artist was Willy Pogany, a Hungarian illustrator of children’s and other books. Sorry about the crap image (again!).