not quite done yet

Two more pots/baskets/bowls, whatever you want to call them. The blue and white one has a hinged lid and reminded JP of a snake-charmer’s basket.


orange dish

snake charmer basket

gone to pot

I have been asked in the past if I sell the things I make but I’ve always said no and I recently turned down a commission to make a fabric bowl or two for someone who liked one of my fabric pots that was being used to display items in my son’s shop. I don’t know what changed my mind about selling them but I did and this week I’ve made two large lidded pots and a small bowl, with another under the machine needle as I write this. My son has kindly agreed to sell them in his shop at the end of November so I have lots of time to make more and still do other things too.

orange pot

blue pot 1



fabric pots

I currently have a book on on loan from my local library on how to make fabric coil pots. I had never attempted fabric pot making before but the process looked very easy so this morning I had a go and had such fun that this afternoon I made another one. The smaller one is 15cm wide at the brim and 5cm high with a core of double thickness jute twine. The bigger one is 10cm high and 24cm wide with a core of plastic cord. I’m going to give them both a coat of watered down PVA glue to stop any future fraying although this is not suggested in the book. After that I just have to decide what they could be used for!DSCF9059