a September flower

It’s been a while since I did any free-motion machine embroidery and it’s always fun to do so this afternoon I stitched up a little aster, one of my favourite flowers along with daisies, carnations, and lilac blossom. Strictly speaking, the fabric shouldn’t be wrinkled between the petals but I like the effect.

september flower

a new house

The hand-embroidered colourful house (4″x 3″) was begun last summer and then put aside for months. I recently went back to it as something to keep me awake whilst watching television in the evenings and I finished it yesterday. The tudor-type house (7″ x 10.5″) is free-motion machine embroidery, made this weekend just because I was in the mood to thread paint. I know that there is a lot that’s wrong with this piece but it was fun to stitch and my sewing machine appreciated not having to stitch through nylon rope and several layers of fabric for a change!



wonky bird box

I’m in the process of making a little felt box with lots of hand embroidery on it but this afternoon I took a break from it and went back to machine embroidery to stitch a little wall hanging. I sketched my design on the calico with a Pilot Frixion pen then painted it with Pebeo fabric paints before free-motion machining it all.  It’s about 18″ x 6″ or 47 x 15cm for metric fans!





yet another mug rug

Two pieces of free-motion machine embroidery made many months ago, now finally put to good use as both sides of a mug rug. Funny how photographing something immediately shows the errors in my work!




new case, new foot

More free-motion machine embroidery, intended for use as the front of a new soft case for my reading specs but I was unhappy with the amount of puckering on the first (I was distracted by Colin Firth!) so did the second one with thinner padding and that was better. Or so I thought. I used an old specs case as my template but didn’t cut my fabric to the same size. I used it today but I don’t think there’s enough padding to protect the specs adequately when they sink to the bottom of my bag under the usual detritus, it’s a tad big and I didn’t like the quality of my hand stitching round the sides so I’m going to unpick the whole thing (apart fromt the embroidery which I quite like), put more padding between the embroidered fabric and the lining and make the whole thing smaller.

Not all sighing and harumphing today though, as I collected a new foot for my sewing machine which, after a test run this afternoon, promises to be better for free-motion embroidery than the one I currently use. The foot height is adjustable so it will sit closer to the fabric and be less bouncy than the other foot. That’s what I’m hoping for anyway …



through the woods



Through The Woods9″ x 7″. Scraps of fabric painted with diluted fabric stiffener then appliquéd by machine onto silk. Hand embroidery for the trunks to add definition. As usual, my photography doesn’t do the actual colours justice!

latest doodles

Lots of experimenting this week.


These leaves and ‘discs’ were an idea for jewellery or clothes embellishment. These were fun to do and I think I’ll take this idea further.

machine doodles on felt


Free motion machining on two layers of organza then burning out the shapes with a soldering iron. organza

Mixed media in an organza sandwich on a muslin background.organza and paper twist