workbox #9 needlecase back

Today is the first day in almost a week that I’ve been able to access any embroidery as all the contents of my workroom had to be stored in another room while some major re-plastering followed by re-decoration was done. The workmen will be back again after the Easter break but I have been able to move most of my craft and sewing supplies back into my workroom and finished this imperfectly shaped and hitherto unknown species of blue flower which will be on the back of the needlecase.


As from 8am this morning my workroom was off-limits so that repairs can be carried out to the ceiling and walls following water damage in December. This means that JP and I will be sharing the living room during the day for the rest of this week, something we haven’t done since I claimed an empty bedroom for a work room!

Before I emptied the workroom of all things craft related, I made another small scissor fob needlecase, using an isosceles triangle as my template. It will hold several needles but it’s not too big, thick or heavy and an added bonus is that I haven’t lost my scissors once since I began using it on Sunday!




I finished the Olive project this afternoon. It could be better in some areas (as could the photo) but overall I don’t think my stitching is too bad. Some of the greens look slightly blue in the photograph but in reality they’re fine. The three wired leaves are edged with buttonhole stitch although the latter isn’t easy to see, plus some fiddly needle weaving with single strand embroidery cotton for the flower petals.


The next project in the book is Chives, and I’ll be starting that as soon as I’ve published this post.  All the embroidery experts recommend using both hands to embroider so I finally succumbed and I ordered an embroidery lap stand yesterday. Will using two hands to sew enable me to double my output speed? Only time and practice (of which there is bound to be plenty) will tell. Lap stand is an oxymoron – it will neither be on my lap nor standing. It has a base board which is designed to be sat upon. The stand I really wanted to buy is waaaaay over my budget at several hundred £s and only available from America and I might be fed up with hand embroidery next week, so I’ve settled for a lighter, smaller, collapsible, and ever so much cheaper model which should be with me in just a day or two. It feels a bit like Christmas!