road atlas bag

We have sat nav in the car but I’ve always preferred a paper map. This actually translates to: We have sat nav in the car but I find it difficult to use and spend more time shouting at it frustratedly than navigating with it.

Our previous car had a roomy pocket on the rear of each of the front seats and it was easy for me to pull out the road atlas from the driver’s seat pocket but our current car has no such pockets so the atlas gets tossed onto the back seat or falls on the floor and gets trodden underfoot by passengers and squashed and torn when the rear seats are folded down for trips to the recycling centre and I generally have to do a series of acrobatic contortions from the front seat in order to be able to reach the atlas before I can even think about reading a map. I’ve had this problem for over two years but it was only when a replacement road atlas was bought recently that I wondered why I hadn’t thought to make a hanging bag in place of the missing seat pocket.

I decided on a simple bag with two tapes to hang it from the head rest supports but then I thought I ought to have some kind of picture on the front to indicate what’s within. (Why I need to advertise that it’s a bag for maps is something perhaps only a psychologist can answer.) This is what I came up with: map bag A very simple interpretation of an OS map using fabric crayons and free motion embroidery on thin calico backed with a lightweight white canvas that I found in my supplies. An ordinance survey map seemed the easiest kind to stitch even though it’s unlikely to ever be the type of map that will go in the bag!


map bag 2