where I’m at this week

An emery block was the next Home Sweet Home accessory to embroider and I did begin it but wasn’t happy with my stitching so I put it aside for a few days. That was weeks ago and I’m still not enthused enough about it to pick it up again. It’s not nagging at my conscience though since I didn’t set myself any completion deadlines for this project.

So, if I haven’t been embroidering, what have I been doing?

  • Watching YouTube videos and getting ideas for mixed media things (which may or may not come to fruition).
  • Trying not to be ‘precious’ about things I’ve sewn or made in the past and actually toss them if they’re not worth keeping or re-purpose them.
  • Properly reading and not just skimming through the content of books I have on design and colour and drawing, in the forlorn hope that some of it at least will finally stick.
  • Making a start on a fabric book
  • Joining a newly formed up-cycling group at a local charity shop. More on that as it evolves.


I made felt and wired fabric flowers a few years ago for my son and his partner’s coffee lounge but they were looking a tad sorry for themselves by last year so I put them in a bin liner, brought them home and tossed them onto the top of a bookcase. Two weeks ago I finally did something with some of them. Destined to be pages of a kind of reference book made of fabric for finished pieces of work as well as small samples that are currently randomly stored amongst fabric supplies.

Yes, I know that the fabrics in the first piece are not square with each otherĀ  – I was after a scrappy random look and yes, the stems are real twigs which will probably snap off in a book but it’s hanging on a wall at the moment, out of snapping danger and we have to experiment don’t we? The background in the second piece was painted a long time ago but why or with what kind of paint I don’t now remember. I free-motion stitched around the edge just to attach it to the stiff interfacing background.


painted tower

I free-motion embroidered some black cotton fabric for the roof and used some of the fabric shown in the previous post for the walls of this tower house. It’s stuffed with fibre-fill and then painted over with Mod Podge but I don’t like the glossy finish and the fibre-fill has caused the walls to bow slightly even though I used only a small amount of it. All in all it’s not as successful as I would have liked it to be so I think I’ll either take it apart and reconstruct it or make another with the remaining painted fabric. I thought it might have been the kind of tower that Rapunzel could have been rescued from but that was before I stitched the bars on the window. Version two ought to have at least one window she can escape from don’t you think?

painted tower

what will this be?

I had a pile of scraps left over from making coiled pots so I stitched a few lengths to an 18″ x 12″ piece of stiff interfacing and then painted over them with acrylic paints. I should have given the scraps layout and the colour placement more thought but once I’d decided to do this, I just hash-bashed my way through. I’m happy with the end result and unusually, I have something in mind for it!

painted fabric