just in

About twenty minutes ago, I heard our letterbox flap lift and went to retrieve our Sunday newspapers only to find that they were still in the process of being stuffed through the gap. When I opened the door, the delivery man pointed out the egg on our doormat and said he’d been met by a flurry of noisy pigeon wings as he turned the corner to our flat. It’s been a few years since we’ve had an egg laid on our doormat and I thought that in the absence of feathers and twigs in over a year that they’d found a better place to roost. Silly me. The information that our doormat is reasonably secluded and therefore safe from predators other than the human variety, is obviously shared (by pigeon post?) amongst the birds in the neighbourhood.  The delivery man told me quite sincerely that to have an egg laid on our mat today of all days was a gift from God and therefore lucky but I’d prefer a milk chocolate version any day.


pesky pigeons!

In our building, the common entry way to our home and that of our neighbour is open to the elements on one side. Pigeons are regular visitors almost permanent residents of the balcony rail and the sheltered doorways. I noticed two twigs on our doormat yesterday and told JP that pigeons were nesting there again but he said that as the birds had already laid an egg a few weeks ago we wouldn’t get any more. Huh! I was right not to believe him. This morning our postman rang the door bell to alert us to this:


I have a workbench!

My length of MDF arrived as I was having my lunch. I couldn’t wait to paint it before setting things out on it. The mirror reflection shows the cushions I bought for the sofabed, currently stacked on a small table with pillows and duvet all awaiting their new permanent location. JP is impressed with my bench – he says it looks better than he imagined it would.  I took the picture of the pigeon the other day from the window you can see in the ‘studio’.


pigeon in pink

When pigeons built a ‘nest’ on my front door mat (honest!) from two twigs and a feather and then laid an egg, I was not amused. That was last year. This year I am content to photograph them like this one I snapped yesterday through my balcony railing with the camera propped against the door jam for stability.